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**October 22, 2019 -- Click here for responses to bus drivers and attendants from Dr. T. Lamar Goree based on meetings on October 11.**

CPSB Transportation Department
3928 Joplin Street
Shreveport, Louisiana 71108
Phone: 318-603-6535 
Fax: 318-631-5738

Transportation Department Locations
Locations Telephone Fax    
Shreveport Garage 318-603-6534 318-631-6596  Jody Johnson - Shreveport Garage Foreman  318-603-6534
Vivian Garage 318-603-7080 318-603-7085 Michael Wilcox - Vivian Asst. Foreman  318-603-7063

Normal Business Hours

Monday thru Friday

8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Dispatch and Garage Hours

Monday thru Friday

6:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.


Emergency After Hours and Weekends - Guardian Alarms  318-688-4698


Acting Director of Transportation: Mary Reliford-Harris    318-603-6544

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Supervisors of Transportation
Name Title Contact Number
D'Andrea Dorsey Field Operations Supervisor 318-603-6537
Vacant Routing Supervisor 318-603-6542
Mary Reliford-Harris Field Operations Supervisor 318-603-6544
Booker White Field Operations Supervisor 318-603-6594

Transportation Staff
Name Title Contact Number
Monique Dunn Director's Secretary 318-603-5752
Jasmine Bates Dispatcher 318-603-6567
Tabatah Washington Dispatcher 318-603-7081
Shannon Hill Dispatcher 318-603-6650
Raylette Jewitt Recruiting/Training Specialist 318-603-5730
LaShanda Howard Transportation Analyst 318-603-6540 
Lakeisha Jones Secretary/Special Needs Transportation   318-603-5649
Kiora Gilyard Secretary /Field Trips 318-603-5632 
Janice Hullaby Secretary 318-603-6538
Brianna Ashley Secretary 318-603-6608

About the Transportation Department

Mission Statement - The Caddo Parish School Board Transportation Department provides safe, efficient, and timely transportation for all eligible students to and from school.

The Transportation Department is located at 3928 Joplin St, Shreveport, Louisiana 71108. Our office is located on the southeast quadrant of the Caddo Parish School Board facility located at 1961 Midway Ave, Shreveport, Louisiana 71108. We also maintain a transportation facility in Vivian, Louisiana at North Caddo High School.

There are 280 Bus Drivers and 100 Bus Attendants who work with our students every day. Our office consists of the Transportation Director, one Routing Supervisor, three Field Supervisors, a Transportation Analyst, five secretaries and three dispatchers. Our garages have three Shop Foremen, parts personnel, and twenty-two mechanics. The mechanics are responsible for maintaining the Caddo Parish School Board's Bus Fleet and all other board owned vehicles. Our school buses are thoroughly inspected twice a year to ensure safety for our students in Caddo Parish and to comply with State of Louisiana vehicle safety inspection laws.

Bus Rules

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Permission for any student to ride in a school bus is a PRIVILEGE, NOT A RIGHT. The safety and welfare of student riders depends on proper behavior and observance of the following rules and regulations. Any pupil who violates any of these rules will be reported to the proper authority and his/her privilege of transportation may be denied. These rules apply to STUDENT ACTIVITY TRIPS as well as regular bus routes to and from school.

Bus Rules PDF

Bus Employee Forms

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School/Departmental Staff Forms

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Parent/Student Forms

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