Welcome to Caddo Parish Public Schools

Ombudsman Program

Ombudsman Educational Services is part of ChanceLight™ Behavioral Health & Education, the nation’s leading provider of behavioral health and education solutions for children and young adults. We change the direction of children’s lives by offering them the opportunity to create successful, independent futures.

For more information, check out the Ombudsman Website

About Ombudsman Program

Caddo Parish Public Schools are now partnered with Ombudsman for alternative education. Ombudsman is a private company which specializes in education programs. The company will still be responsible to the CPSB and will make regular reports to the CPSB. Caddo staff will monitor to ensure that all federal and state guidelines are being met. Caddo Parish Public Schools made this change because an opportunity was identified to improve the alternative education programs while recognizing cost savings at the same time. It was a "Win, Win scenario".

Uniform Policy:

  • ID badge issued by the school must be worn at all times
  • White or black polo uniform shirt
  • Khaki pants (Khaki shorts may be worn 1st and 4th nine weeks ONLY!)
  • Black or white undershirt if desired
  • Black or brown belt with the buckle no bigger than the width of the belt
  • Black or white athletic shoes with black or white shoe strings (no other colors on the shoes/soles)